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SK Literary Management is pleased to announce the release of The icharus Connection and Save the Innocent Children. Literary Services are now available.

Steve Kirby has been creating exciting new novels and screenplays since 2003.  From his humble beginnings he has written three screenplays and two novels. 

After publishing his first book called the Icharus Connection, he created SK Literary Management.Using his experience in writing, editing(proof reading), dealing with editors and agents, he now offers services such as ghost writing, editing, author representation and other valuable services for many different literary needs.


From editing, proof reading, ghost writing, specialty printing and author management, SK Literary  Management offers a wide range of services.

SK Literary Management is pleased to announce the release of Save the Innocent Children, the newest action packed novel by author and screenwriter Steve Kirby. The release date of this novel is July15, 2007

Future book signings will be in August of 2007 and in the Niagara area just before the Grape and Wine Festival in St. Catharines. Some possible locations are Hernders Winery and Inniskillin Winery. Please check this site for updates for dates and locations and pick up a signed copy of Save the Innocent Children.

Save the Innocent Children is available for your reading pleasure. Click on the links page and order your copy today.