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Useful Links

The following is a list useful links that I have compiled. If you wish to be added to this list, please send me an e-mail.

Purchase the Icharus Connection here.

The Icharus Connection is now available to purchase on-line through PublishAmerica . It will soon be on all book retail sites including Amazon, B&N, and Chapters. Please take a look at this fast-paced novel filled with political intrigue, suspense, action and fascinating characters. Purchase this novel directly from B&N.com.

Lie Down with Dogs
This action packed thriller is represented by New York producer and 13 time Emmy Award winner Lee Levinson.
Purchase Save the Innocent children on line
The newest thriller Save the Innocent children is now available from Amazon.com. Order your copy of this exciting new novel written by author Steve Kirby. A fast paced thriller is now available in book stores and through Amazon and Barnes and noble. Get your copy today!
Black Donnelly's web page
A web site highlighting the true story of the "Black Donnellys." Terror from Tipperary is based on this true Canadian story with plenty of action, real-life brawls and exciting characters.
Niagara This Week news article. Check out how Steve Kirby began writing and his thoughts.

From screenwriting to novel writing, editing and publication, this Niagara News article is the first to highlight his writing career and his future goals. Inspired by his grandfather's hand written memoirs, Steve began writting scripts and novels, then formed SK Literary Management in 2006. Click on the link to view the article.

Icharus Connection is now available at Coles and Chapters

Copies of the Icharus connection is now available through all Coles and Chapters stores nationwide. You can also order this book on line at Chapters.ca.

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