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Author and Screenwriter Steve Kirby

The Icharus Connection is Steve's first novel.  It is a fast-paced story with action, plot twists and the beautiful setting of Washington State for the conclusion.
New! The rights to The Icharus Connection has been bought by US publisher, Publish America. It is scheduled for release in 2006. Stay tuned for a press release soon. More details to follow.

Lie Down with Dogs is a full-length script based out of New York.  It is the story of a defense attorney who is set-up for murder by one of his clients-a mafia boss who puts a contract on him.   A polished script with lots of suspense, intrigue and plenty of action.

Terror from Tipperary is a non-fictional script about the Donnelly family also called the "Black Donnellys." For more information see the links page on this fascinating true life story

Lie Down with Dogs in now available through the Writer's Market. See below for more information.


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Ad No.: 3576 - Posted on: 06/03/05 13:18:39 EDT

Title: Lie Down With Dogs
Logline: "If you lie down with dogs, sooner or later you'll get bit"
Written By: Steve Kirby
Synopsis:I am pleased to share with you the work of one of our clients. His name is Steve Kirby, a native of Ontario, Canada. Kirby presents to you the twisted and adventurous tale of mafia obsession, court drama, and cold blooded murder in, Lie Down with Dogs. This exciting thriller/drama begins with the murder and of a mafia kingpin’s mistress. His arrest is set to be defended by the wealthy and successful New York City lawyer, Nick Ramius. Little does Nick understand that when he takes on this case and loses, he opens a Pandora’s Box of murder, revenge, and false arrests. A difficult quest to discover the truth about the death of his ex-girlfriend ensues while Nick dodges the bullets of the crazed hired killer, Everett. This drama takes the viewer from the mean streets of New York City to the wild parties of Mardi gras and does not stop to breathe in between. This sorted tale of mafia murders and police and court drama is reminiscent of the successful series, The Sopranos, NYPD Blue, and the award-winning movie Fargo.
Availability: Script available
PP: 123
Contact Email: Jennifer Piemme at
Contact Address: Jennifer Piemme Lee Shore Company, Ltd. 7436 Washington Avenue, Suite 100 Pittsburgh, PA 15218 412-271-1100
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